Travel preparations for the holiday season

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - AAA reports 93.3 million Americans will be hitting the highway as Christmas rapidly approaches.

Bethany Primm is one of thousands in Region 8 hitting the holiday road.

She has a 5-hour drive ahead, and she's making sure that it goes without a hitch.

"I do not want a white Christmas, just because driving in it's a hassle."

Steve Hood with Plaza Tire says before you get on the road, you want to check the air pressure in your tires.

It helps to have 3 to 5 P-S-I higher than recommended pressure for better tire stability and grip.

"Keep a close eye on your tires, the most important safety features on your car. So you want your tires in good shape, good tread and air pressure. Most of your tire problems stem from low pressure."

Replace your tires if the tread is worn low.

But travel safety extends beyond where the rubber meets the road.

"In bad weather, you want washer fluid in your vehicle. You want your wiper blades working good."

Primm will be driving to El Dorado on Highway 67 until Little Rock.

That's when she's driving off the beaten path.

"I usually take 440 around Little Rock, so it's not as bad."

If you're taking the road less traveled, it's a good idea to pack flashlights and cell phone chargers for the trip.

Blankets, batteries, maybe some bottled water in your car's a good idea, if you do get stranded."

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