Lower gas prices early present for holiday travelers

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Temperatures have dipped days beforeChristmas and so have gas prices.

Many motorists in the Jonesboro area have seen the price ofgas drop below $3 during the past week.

The drop in prices come as an early Christmas present, aslocal drivers and millions of others plan to travel in the next few days.

According to AAA, more than one in four Americans isexpected to take a road trip during the holiday season.

Debra Brooks of Bono is not among them, as she and herfamily plan to stay at home this Christmas.

"We're going to stay home even though gas prices are goodand it's the perfect time to travel," Brooks said, "but I'm going to stay homewith the family with the kids. My kids will be traveling, going to the in-laws,but we're going to have our time together."

Brooks filled up her car Friday afternoon at Kroger onCaraway Road in Jonesboro, paying $2.83 per gallon. She echoed many drivers,who say saving a little on gas will now allow them to spend more moneyelsewhere.

"I can put that extra little bit on something else," saidKhalilah Parks, a mother of three from Jonesboro.

Parks has a few items left to check off her kids' Christmaslist, so she plans to spend a few more dollars on them instead of filling upher truck this weekend.

"[I'm] excited," Parks said about paying less than $3 forgas. "[It's] good that it's during the time when I do need to fill up insteadof higher when I fill up and then it goes down. I hate when that happens."

Parks also plans to stay close to home this Christmas,unlike the millions of others traveling this weekend.

AAA estimates more than 93 million people will journey 50miles or more from home during the year-end holidays.

Those trips will likely be made merrier thanks to payingless at the pump.

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