Jonesboro drivers react to driving in winter weather

JOBESBORO, AR (KAIT) - If you were dreaming of a white Christmas, it certainly came true last night.

Drivers all over Region 8 now have to do a lot of pushing and sliding to get through it.

"It's pretty slick out there for people who aren't used to driving on snow. Jonesboro doesn't usually get a whole lot of snow but when it does come, it's here," said Driver, Nicholas McFarland.

Slush and snow on the ground have caused people to drive slower. If there is somewhere you need to be, you will need to give yourself some extra time.

"It's pretty slick out there so it would be a good idea if you've got to go somewhere, at least leave 30 minutes ahead of time," said McFarland.

Some drivers found that getting out of their drive-ways were more difficult than driving on the main roads.

"It was hard getting out of the house but once you get on a couple of the main roads, it's kind of slushy but not too bad to drive in," said Driver, Marcus Cranford.

The best advice for potential drivers out there was to avoid the roads unless absolutely necessary.

"If it can wait till tomorrow, it will probably be a good idea to," said McFarland.

"Just don't get out unless you have to. There's no reason to put yourself into harm's way if you don't have to," said Cranford.

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