Bald Knob wants redo of Census population count

BALD KNOB, Ark. (AP) - The city of Bald Knob is seeking a redo of its Census count after the 2010 tally showed a population drop of nearly 10 percent.

The 2000 Census showed a population of 3,210 and the 2010 count reflected a drop to 2,897.

Mayor Doyle Wallace says that change in population hasn't been reflected in the number of people who pay water bills to the city or in the school district population.

The Daily Citizen reports that Bald Knob's challenge to the 2010 population is still pending with the U.S. Census.

Officials say that getting a higher population count would add about $15,000 to the city finances in state turnback money.

The mayor says he thinks an additional 200 or so people would be added if the count is redone.

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