Icy conditions creating hazards for more than just drivers

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – The snow and ice left behind by theWinter Storm Tuesday has created delays for more than just local drivers.

The wintry weather has slowed the response time for firstresponders too.

Medic One Ambulance in Jonesboro prepared early for the snowand ice, though its crews now worry about that thawing and creating dangerouslyicy conditions.

"There's always something that you're never prepared forthat happens," said Tim Brickell, the Medic One director of operations, "but wetry to cover all the bases as well as we can."

Brickell and his co-workers began readying generators,changing tires and salting driveways to prepare ahead of the Winter Storm.Despite those precautions, he hopes people understand that any inclementweather will delay Medic One's response time, for good reason.

"The more inclement the weather is, the slower the responsetime's going to be," Brickell said. "That concerns people, and I understand. Wehave to be safe, so we can even get there.

"If we slide off the road or anything like that, then that'sjust that much more time we have to send another vehicle to the scene orwhatever," he added. "We advise our guys to take it easy, watch the conditionsand get there as quickly as possible but as safe as possible."

Brickell watched the snow and ice slowly melt Thursday, buthe is concerned that the thaw will create more problems.

"As the temperature goes down at night, we have a prettygood thaw here during the day," he said. "Where there's standing water or whereit's not able to drain very well, it's going to form ice and be slick."

Jonesboro E-911 dispatched emergency crews twice Thursday tohelp people that fell and injured themselves. Brickell is concerned that couldincrease, as motorists like Fara Moore of Jonesboro begin venturing from homein the next few days.

"I've been out today, and I'm really impressed with how wellit's easy to move around," Moore said. "Thanks to all those that worked so hardclearing the roads."

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