Weather dampens local post-Christmas sales for retailers

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Just when you think the Christmas shopping has come to end, there's always those post Christmas sales.

"The day after Christmas is usually pretty busy," said Target, executive team leader of logistics, Bryce Rusco.

After piles of snow and icy roads, the trip back to the clothes rack didn't get much attention. Target didn't quite get the post Christmas rush they were expecting.

"Of course roads are rough so a lot of less people showed up than normal," said Rusco.

It wasn't just customers who weren't able to get out of the house. Some of Targets employees could not make it to work due to all of the snow.

"We did have a certain number of team members yesterday that were not able to make it to work. We do understand we don't want people to get out and get hurt themselves," said Rusco.

However, fewer employees didn't stop customers who did show up, from enjoying their half off purchases.

"We were still able to maintain our business and take care of the guests that were here," said Rusco.

Better weather had certainly made up for the lack of customers after the holiday. They expected to see customers, they normally would have seen on Tuesday.

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