Homeless Shelters in Region 8 continue to get crowded

Homeless Shelters in Region 8 continue to get crowded

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - This week's Winter Storm may have kept businesses less crowded, but some homeless shelters in Region 8 have been anything but empty.

"We have not seen less than forty-five a day and it has been well over that at times," said Mission Outreach, Executive Director, Jamie Collins.

This week Mission Outreach has taken in even more people. The shelter has hit maximum capacity in certain parts of the building.

"In the past few days we've taken in 10 more people and our men's dorm is completely full. In fact we are over flowing, we have all the couches and cots we can pull out," said Collins.

The Shelter has done everything they can to accommodate the high number of residents. Many people in the area have been sent away due to the lack of space available but they are continuing to use all items necessary to not send people away.

"We arrange rooms to try and accommodate. We put people on couches, we make pallets on the floor. I mean we do everything we can to not turn a person away," said Collins.

Mission Outreach is in need of blankets, pillows and twin mattresses if you would like to donate.

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