Trumann Gets Tough on Drugs

JULY 15, 2004 - Posted at 5:00 p.m. CDT

 TRUMANN--The numbers are in and they look good for recent drug fighting efforts inTrumann .  Over the past three months, authorities have tripled the amount of felony drug arrests made over the previous three months.  Since mid-April the Trumann police department has made 51 arrests.  From January to March they made 17 arrests.

City leaders along with locals, credit law enforcement efforts to step up patrols on drug dealers and sellers.  Their efforts seem to be paying off.  Recent arrests have been made in motels, vehicles, homes, and rental properties all across town.  Officials say it takes three separate evidence rooms to hold all the evidence.

Meth is a growing problem across much of Region 8.  The drug can be made fairly easily by mixing and cooking household items which can be easily bought at most grocery stores.  Police say changes in ingredients have overcome one problem which kept the drug from being made in cities.  In the past a strong smell from ammonia and other ingredients was easily recognizable.  Now cookers of the drug have found more efficient and less pungent ways to cook the drug.

The end result is a drug that can now be more easily cooked and still commands a very high street value.  Trumann Police Chief Larry Blagg says his agency will not quit hunting these drugs off the street.  “this is for now on.  If anything we are going to get harder on these drugs” Blagg says.  Adding the community is now getting involved in the active search for these illegal drugs in the area.