"Demolished" Craighead County Bridge Discovered

JULY 15, 2004 - Posted at 5:02 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR - An obscure northeastern Arkansas bridge was rediscovered this week after officials at the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program found out it was still standing.

Until yesterday, the Dixie Bridge at the Saint Francis Levee in Craighead County was scheduled to be removed from the National Register of Historic Places because officials thought it had been demolished.

But when Brad McLelland, a Jonesboro Sun reporter, decided to write a story about the bridge being removed from the list, he found the bridge was still intact.

The state review board for the program had already issued a letter of condolence to a Craighead County judge about the loss of the bridge.

But when the bridge was discovered still standing, Wilcox said it would stay on the list.

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