Snow is good news for tow-truck drivers

Saturday night's cold weather comes after two rounds of snow that blanketed Southeast Missouri, and forced a number of people to abandon their cars.

For some who had to get out on Christmas day or Friday night, the trip didn't end well.

Many drivers ended up in ditches with no way to get out, which meant leaving their vehicles and hoping someone else didn't come along and hit their car.

While that was bad news for drivers, it was good news for tow truck drivers.

The folks at Sperling's Garage and Wrecker Service say they saw their business jump this week.

They had twice as many phone calls, about 60-80 a day since the snow started.

They have day side and night crews on schedule, but everyone has been working more due to the weather.

And, a lot of those calls they are responding to had similar problems.

Sperling says Wednesday was the busiest day and it has slowed down since then.

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