Police arrest man for stealing checkbooks from vehicles

Austin Hall (Source: Newport Police Department)
Austin Hall (Source: Newport Police Department)

NEWPORT, AR (KAIT) – Newport police have arrested a man theysay stole two checkbooks while the victim's vehicles were parked.

According to the Newport Police Department, on December 26 officers responded in reference tosomeone breaking into cars at Wal-Mart. The victim told police his checkbook had been stolen.

The next day, according to investigators, Austin Hallattempted to cash a check belonging to the victim at a local bank.  The bank refused and police say they laterarrested Hall without incident.

Hall's home was searched, and police say they found thevictim's checkbook along with another stolen checkbook from a separate case.  Hall told police he broke intothe two vehicles and attempted to cash the check of the second victim.

Hall is in the Jackson County Jail on charges of breaking orentering, two theft of property counts and second degree forgery.  Bond for Hall was set at $5,000 and he willappear in court on January 17.

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