Striving to prevent cancer throughout 2013

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Making a resolution to get healthy in 2013 can be hard.  But staying fit is more than just getting on a treadmill or eating more fruit.

Women tend to over look one Doctor they should visit annually. What they also don't know is that Cervical Cancer is the third leading cancer world-wide.

"Cervical Cancer most commonly doesn't have any symptoms," said NEA Women's Clinic, Dr. Charles Cesare.

Cervical Cancer affects women of all ages. Although, Doctors recommend an annual visit, not all check up's are the same every year. Certain tests are also done depending on age and year of the Doctor visit.

"The current recommendation for a pap smear for women ages 21 to 30 is every three years." "Starting at age 30, testing for the Human Papillomavirus is every 5 years," said Dr. Cesare.

Building a relationship with your gynecologist is important for long term health and can began at the age of puberty.

"Bring even an adolescent woman at the age of puberty into a gynecologist to establish care without a problem just for a routine. Annual exams will establish a relationship between the doctor and the patient prior to having any pelvic exam preformed," said Dr. Cesare.

Dr. Cesare said he recommends annual check up's and if patients notice any abnormalities to schedule an appointment with their Doctor, prior to their check up. 

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