The Balance Beam

I feel like I'm teetering on a balance beam, and am one ankle wiggle shy of pulling off the next couple months like Gabby Douglas. I'm someone who loves to stay busy. Not necessarily at home but being active out and about in the community and at work. Yesterday, though, was the first time I realized that I can't go all day long with little to no rest. I was going and doing and running errands and making dinner and cleaning the house and didn't actually get off my feet until 6 or 7. This is after getting up around 2:45AM!

In your experience, what have you done to cut back on commitments and meetings or anything else you didn't have the energy for in the last few weeks of pregnancy?  Thankfully, I control most of my scheduling outside of work, and am going to try very hard to keep my afternoon commitments to a minimum from here on out. Watch me, I'll say that and then…back at it! What can I say? I do love being active!

How did you active ladies balance work, commitments and other stuff during months 8 and 9?