Uniform speed limit signs approved for one Jonesboro subdivision

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Jonesboro City Council approved a proposal to designate a maximum speed limit on certain city streets in Jonesboro at their council meeting Thursday night.

In December, the Public Safety Committee proposed to designate a set speed limit in the Fairview Subdivision of Jonesboro after the Neighborhood Watch program in that area requested it be done.

The council voted unanimously to pass the proposal to designate a maximum speed limit of 25 miles an hour in that area near Stadium Boulevard and Highland Drive.

City of Jonesboro, Chief Operating Officer, LM Duncan told Region 8 News that speed limits in that area currently range anywhere from 20 to 35 miles an hour.

"Some of them thought it was too fast and others thought it was too slow at 20 miles an hour," Duncan said.

Glenda Roach has lived in the area for over 45 years and has seen plenty of people speed through the streets. "I think the 20 is good," she told Region 8 News. "There's a lot of speeders."

Roach lives just off of Parkside Drive, one of the roads that will be seeing increased speed limit signs.

"This is a small area and I don't even see how you could get up that fast," she said.

She said her great-grandchildren come to visit her often and speeders make her concerned for their safety.

"They play in the yard and we want people to drive slow," Roach said.

Buddy Harrison also lives in the area. Though he told KAIT he doesn't know if uniform speed limits will help with speeders.

"I don't know if it'd help it or not but I do know that they need to slow down," Harrison said.

Duncan said that slowing down drivers is what they aim to do to ensure the safety of residents in the area.

"The ones that were 30 mile an hour, 35 mile an hour those were a safety precaution so they needed to be dropped back down to 25," Duncan said.

Duncan said since the city council approved the proposal Thursday night, it'll only take a couple of days for the speed limit signs in the Fairview Subdivision to be replaced with the uniform 25mph signs.

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