Dexter family adopts from Russia, reacts to adoption ban

DEXTER, MO (KFVS) - An adoption can be the greatest joy for a family wanting to grow, but recently Russia's government put a stop to American parents seeking children from Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a measure to ban the adoption of Russian children by U.S. Families effective the first of this year.

A Dexter family says the real victims in the ban are the Russian children.

"All I've ever wanted my whole life was to be a mom," said Ashley Williams.

Williams thought she would get that chance to be a mother through an adoption, after repeated failed attempts to get pregnant.

She and her husband Brock Williams met Roman, a child in a Russian orphanage. But, after months of the adoption process, a Russian judge told them no.

"It's pretty trying be told by the judge for no reason," said Brock Williams.

In a rare occurrence, the adoption agency said there was the possibility of another little boy.

"Emotionally we were just distraught at that point, but at the same time we're dealing with a child that doesn't have a home, who's sitting right here with us, you know he still needed and mom and dad and we were still available for the job," said Brock Williams.

The Williams adopted a little 2-year-old boy, Daniel.

"He's been an absolutely delight and smart, I know every parent thinks that but he really is the smartest little kid I've ever met," said Ashley Williams.

"He's easygoing, he likes pretty much everybody, he's a very affectionate and loving little guy," said Brock Williams.

"This is what it was all for and worth every step of the journey and we would do it all over again," said Ashley Williams.

Now U.S. parents won't have the same opportunity as the Williams, since the Russian President signed a ban on American parents adopting Russian children. Because of their struggle, the Williams say they can imagine a little piece of what parents who were in the process of adopting a child from Russia feel like now.

"There's a lot of families that have went through the process, have went to court that are now stuck," said Brock Williams.

"All they need are homes and families and you have people here that are willing to provide that for them, why would you take that opportunity away," said Ashley Williams.

It's an opportunity the Williams cannot be more thankful for.

"We've always been told when a newborn is laid in a mother's arms for the first time, they forget all about the pain of child birth, and that's kind of what it felt like when we brought him home, it was just a sense of peace," said Ashley Williams.

The Williams created a blog to document their adoption journey. You can read those emotion entries here.

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