A common theme.

One common theme I have heard from all the moms I've talked to for Baby It Up? Don't put pressure on yourself.  We all strive for perfection and a jam-packed life. Babies don't understand that. Early on, all they want is to eat and sleep. Then they just want to be nurtured and loved by you. They don't care if the house is clean, laundry is folded and put away, and a gourmet dinner was put on the table. I'm pretty sure a baby wouldn't even notice.

So, as you begin your trip through motherhood, remember to take it easy and many of your plans to be a supermom may not come to fruition. And it's ok. As long as your little one knows there is love to surround him and feels the nurturing environment you provide, you are doing a great job. Tuck that baby in with a kiss and a smile every night, even if you are exhausted, tired of the baby's crying, or just worn down by the day, knowing that child has an unconditional love for you and vice versa is the number one thing you should be concerned with in his care.

Baby It Up!