Jonesboro Police Officers are promoted

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-Two Jonesboro Police Officers were recognized in a ceremony Friday morning.

Chief Mike Yates opened the event by briefly discussing the process of selecting an officer for promotion.

"The individuals that are successful go through a pretty rigorous screening process," Yates said. "When you rise to the top of your particular group, it speaks well for you. In addition to that, I always consider past performance and potential when we make our selections. And so, today we want to recognize one of our new Sergeants and a new Lieutenant. It's my pleasure to recognize these two individuals, as they have done an outstanding job in their previous roles."

Officer Todd Nelson is now a Lieutenant with the Jonesboro Police Department Quality of Life Unit.

Lt. Nelson says he's excited about the job ahead of him.

"It's a creative position," Nelson said. "We are looking at non traditional law enforcement means to solve the traditional law enforcement problems of reducing crime, producing neighborhoods and getting people involved. We've included Code Enforcement, Animal Control and working with the city attorney's office on nuisance abatements. We're also talking to the Jonesboro Housing Authority on issues they have in housing. They've been really good to work with. We've worked with our grants departments to help people to improve the look and the condition of some neighborhoods. Grants departments are able to help people. We've been kind of the central hub of information to connect these different areas."

Chief Mike Yates also spoke about Officer Cassie Brandon and her years with the Jonesboro Police Department.

"Cassie Brandon has been an officer here for some time," Yates said. "Also, she's worked as a K9 handler, prowl unit person. Teaches a lot of our search and seizure, high risk patrol operations and things like that."

Officer Cassie Brandon was promoted the position of Sergeant.

Sgt. Brandon says she's enjoyed her time at the Jonesboro Police Department and looks forward new challenges.

"It's a hard job," Brandon said. "It's challenging, but we do it because we love it. We don't do it for the money, we don't do it for any reason. We do it because we enjoy it and we hope we do a good job for the people that we serve."

Lt. Nelson says being a law enforcement official in any position is about serving the community.

"Law enforcement is a service oriented business," Nelson said. "I encourage the public to look at us as service oriented. With the public, I hope they look at the police department and if they have ideas of what needs to be done better, contact our administration. And those ideas don't just dissipate, they get heard and we listen."

A reception was held after the officers were presented with plaques and pins of distinction.

For more information about the Jonesboro Police Department, log onto this website.

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