Rescued dog to get treatment at handicapped animal facility

KENNETT, MO (KFVS) - A dog that was rescued by a Kennett boy in September will now be taken to a handicapped animal facility for further treatment.

According to Tina Petix, Kennett Humane Officer, arrangements have been made for the dog to be picked up at the police department Monday at Noon and transported to the rescue.

Petix says "Slicer" ended up having genetic problems where she had no kneecaps and deformed bones.

She also says that surgery for Slicer would be very expensive.

But, after many tries officers found "Secondhand Snoots" in Gurnee, Illinois, that deals with handicapped animals.

Third grader Hayden Sando found the dog in September when he was on his way to the Slicer Street Church of Christ. Hence, called the puppy was called Slicer.

Hayden says the dog, a Great Pyrenees, looked like it had been hit by a car.

Hayden and his mother went to get an off duty police officer to help get the dog to the vet.

It turned out Slicer had a broken leg.

Hayden emptied out his piggy bank, went to the KenMo Veterinary Clinic and donated around $20 to help treat the dog.

Anyone who wants to donate can send money to the KenMo Veterinary Clinic at 807 Homecrest or the Kennett Veterinary Clinic on 1704 St. Francis St. both in Kennett.

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