Ticking Down...

The clock is ticking down. I've got a little less than 6 weeks to go before the estimated due date of this fella. I'm also hard at work wrapping up the last few on-air installments of Baby It Up.  I've gotten some great tips from moms and dads the last couple weeks and would like some more!

What is the one thing you think is crucial in your baby's care? If you had a colicky baby, what seemed to soothe him or her? What did you find useful early one or wish you had known to make baby's care easier?

Even the most minuscule idea or thought could serve as an "Aha!" to another parent struggling out there. I'd love to hear more from you guys! Maybe a Top 10 list of things you family did in the first few days or months at home? Make it a group effort among family members and friends. Post your answers and thoughts in the comments below or below the link on my Facebook page.