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Jonesboro, AR--Lauren Payne Reports

Hope Street Park Attracts Quite A Large Crowd

July 17, 2004--Posted at 7:30 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO--It was a gift to the community from the community.......

Deacon Dan Freeman of St. Paul's Missionary Church here in Jonesboro was a main contributor to today's big event.

"In fact the guys and I who put this together called it the twc......the whole community."said freeman.

And that's how this whole party began.....

"And so with me asking like four or five guys they immediately started going into their pockets and started reaching  out with money, and asking what can I do to help,"said freeman.

Several members in the Hope Street community say it's about time everyone got together to help some of the most important people in the community.

"It's for the children today,"said Freeman.

Hot dogs, hamburgers, and games attracted quite a crowd to Hope Street Park.......and there was on thing on everyone's mind.

Over 500 kids attended today's event and organizers say they hope this is the first of many attractions in the park.

Tim smith also helped organize the event.

"I actually want the whole community of Jonesboro in this. When we planned this we didn't plan it to be something small. We planned for something big,"said Smith.

Hope Street will be one of several Jonesboro neighborhoods getting together for "National Night Out" on Tuesday, August 3rd.

National Night Out is an annual crime prevention effort.

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