Jonesboro Fire Dept. investigating two recent suspicious fires

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – The Jonesboro Fire Department is investigating two recent house fires as suspected arson.

The incidents in question happened on the same day last week within hours of each other, though they appear unrelated.

People living along Marcom Drive awoke last Monday morning to the sound of blaring sirens.

Neighbors say the paper boy called 911 after seeing the home located at 914 Marcom Drive fully engulfed in flames.

Jason Wills, the Jonesboro fire marshal, determined the blaze started underneath the carport, then spread to the attic and destroyed the home. He says his office can now successfully rule out that this fire started accidentally.

"We feel that human intervention played a part," Wills said. "Some person was involved with this fire."

Wills says no one was injured or at home when the fire on Marcom started.

Several neighbors expressed their concern and fear Wednesday that someone could come into normally quiet neighborhood and set a fire intentionally.

About five hours after the fire on Marcom, Jonesboro firefighters put out another blaze at a home on Summit Cove.

Fire crews contained the blaze there to a storage room located under a carport at 2804 Summit Cove.

"We're not making a ruling on that," Wills said about the cause. "Summit Cove is undetermined, but it is under investigation so if anybody has information on that to call.

"[Regarding] 914 Marcom, we do feel it is an intentional fire. We are pursuing it.

"At this time," he added, "we do not feel that either fire is connected."

Investigators have yet to name any suspects related to these two incidents.

Wills is still trying to find out more information about both the Marcom and Summit Cove fires and says he could use the public's help.

"I think this is an opportunity to reach out to the public that anybody that has information on either of the two fires to call Crimestoppers or call the fire marshal's office."

To contact Crimestoppers, call 870-935-STOP.

People can reach the Jonesboro Fire Marshal's Office at 870-932-2428.

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