Flu season is here!

Mommas-to-be, have you gotten your flu shot yet? I am so thankful I got mine early. Josh and Amanda have both come down with the flu, and we work in such close quarters! While I realize that not all strains of the flu are covered in the vaccination, wouldn't you rather be safe than sorry? Not only will it protect you, but those helpful ingredients in the vaccine help your baby, too.

The vaccine will last in his system for a few months after birth, and those of you delivering this winter and early spring will be glad that he's protected from the flu! The vaccine should last in his system until almost six months of age.  Already in the United States this year's flu has claimed nearly two dozen lives, with several of those victims being children.

The flu can impact a pregnant woman more so than one who isn't expecting. With changes in your cardiovascular system and immune system, the flu is likely to cause a severe illness in us preggos.  Coming down with the flu when you are pregnant can lead to miscarriage or pre-term birth, according to the Center for Disease Control.

Flu shots are safe, even though a little uncomfortable. No one really likes that stick or burning sensation in their arm, but if it keeps you and baby healthy…can you really say no?

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