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Jonesboro, AR--Lauren Payne Reports

Young Author Informs The World One Magazine at a Time

July 18, 2004--Posted at 10:30 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO--In many ways 18 year old Kofi Martin is like any other teenager......he's preparing for college, loves music, and enjoys spending time with friends.

But in many other ways Kofi is unlike any 18 year old you've ever met before.

He is the publisher of "AFLIT News" which recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of African-Americans, and the culture.

"Maybe I give off, you know, that I'm serious and that I really want to listen.

I am asking them questions because I want to know??))

Martin describes his magazine as a collection of interviews from locals, for people to learn from, listen to and relate to not only for Region 8, but nationwide.

"I want to see it on the shelves next to Ebony, and Black Enterprise, and all those other culture magazines.

I want this to be a serious, serious endeavor,"said Martin.

There were 200 copies with the first publication, and requests for even more........Kofi says the learning process the magazine offers is the most rewarding.

"If I am 85, if I live that long, I will always have a book with me. I don't think there is ever a reason to feel set...that you know everything, and that there is nothing else to learn,"said Martin.

He's says it's important to have someone take interest in all young people, and that everyone needs a mentor.......and Kofi's mentor is one of a kind.

" mom. She always been my mentor....always been that way,"said Martin.

To learn more about the magazine, drop Kofi an email at, or call him at 870-933-8718.

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