Poinsett County Tax Controversy

We are going down a road where we are going to hit a dead end soon," said County Judge Dolye Hillis.

Last month County Judge Doyle Hillis gave Poinsett County residents a choice.

Vote yes for higher sales tax on September 21st or face higher millage rates by the end of the year, but residents say they don't want either.

It is just hard hard to make ends meet we just don't need anymore sales tax, "said shopper Crystal Jones.

On average a family of 4 which spends $700.00 a month on groceries will pay $84.00 more a year on taxes, making everyone look for great deals.

Poinsett County is like many Region 8 towns and areas.

A millenium money crunch is catching up to the nineties economic boom, leaving local governments turning to residents for tax relief.

"I just know they are sticking it to us."

I honestly think we are about taxed as far as we could go," said Marked Tree resident Ruby Boxley.

A sales tax increase would push several communities in Poinsett County to over 0.09 cents on the dollar, and some argue a millage increase isn't fair to property owners.

Some residents now feel Judge Hillis and others should look more closely at cut backs.

"I haven't heard of any cutting yet and in my day and time when the money ran short you began to cut your spending."

Others disagree.

"This laying people off to save a little bit here or there isn't good for anyone. If we control the spending to begin with we wouldn't need to lay anyone off," said chopper James Montgomery.

Judge Hillis did say all county government was taking a look at their spending.

Hinting that everyone in the county must look to tighten their belts.

In Marked Tree Ron Smiley K8 news.