New medical center comes to Manila

MANILA, AR (KAIT) - TheManila community broke ground on new medical facility Thursday. Dr. TommyWagner of Manila is partnering with St.Bernards to expand his practice.

The new building will include more exam rooms andadditional services. St. Bernards will lease a portion of the facility thatwill make it easier for the community to get medical care.

Dr. Wagner is excited about this new partnership. "We'vepartnered with St. Bernards" Dr. Wagner says. "To move their existingphysical therapy and also provide some radiology and laboratory services."

Dr. Wagner says this will increase the access to carefor the community and the surrounding areas. "There are approximately60,000 citizens that live within a 20 mile radius of the facility," Wagnersays. "Our hopes are that they will have easier access to care and betteraccess to care and they won't have to travel to the healthcare, the healthcarewill travel to them."

President and CEO of St. Bernards, Chris Barber, saysthat residents can expect to see specialty care offered in their area not donebefore. "We will also have specialists to come here from Jonesboro,"Barber says. "Such as orthopedic surgeons and general surgeons,pediatrics, and obgyns will come here to provide clinic services."

Dr. Wagner believes the facility will create anywherefrom 10 to 15 new jobs as a part of the initial first phase. He hopesadditional jobs will come in the future.

Construction should begin in a couple of weeks and thefacility will open in the fall. The new facility will be located at 3346Arkansas Hwy.18 on the west side of Manila.

For more information about St. Bernards, log onto this website.

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