Impact of the flu on retirement homes

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) -  According to the AARP 90 percent of flu-related deaths are of people ages 65 and older. Greene Acres Nursing Home in Paragould is working together to keep their residents from becoming part of a statistic.


“We set up a table at the front of the doors or each exit with masks gloves hand sanitizer,” said LPN, Kathy Sims.


Keeping the flu out of the nursing home has been a team effort. Staff and employees use protective gear on a daily basis to keep everyone, including themselves.


“We provide personal protective equipment for the staff and the residents and the employees,” Sims said.


If residents are showing signs of the flu, staff members work with them closely to help nurse them back to health and to keep the virus from spreading.


“We try to encourage them to stay in their room as much as possible to keep from spreading. If they do go out we do the mask and we try to help wash their hands extra and do the sanitizer with them,” said CNA, Ashtyn Cavazos.


Keeping the nursing home virus free is not a one man job. Housekeepers try to keep the residence as clean as possible by using all types of disinfectants to kill as many germs to keep from spreading.


“We use germicide cleaners that prevent people from getting germs.We use anti-bacterial hand washing soap as well,” said Housekeeper, Becky Johnson.


In the midst of keeping a virus free home, staff members and employees take their own precautions to keep from catching any sickness.


“After I leave here I keep a bottle of Lysol in my car and I spray head to toe before I go home,” said Cavazos.

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