ASU students return to campus from Christmas Break

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - ASU students are heading back to campus this weekend from Christmas break. For some freshman, leaving home was bittersweet.

"I really enjoy going home for the holidays because I needed a break from everything but it was nice to come back to see all my sisters in my sorority and my friends," said freshman, Carley Creel.

Her bags coming back to school were not near as heavy as the ones she had to take back to her home town of Benton. Creel said her first time moving in she brought more than enough stuff to fill her dorm room.

"It was more of a pain to take everything home because the first semester I didn't know what I needed so I just brought everything. Now it's like half of that so I didn't have as much to bring back." Creel said.

Just a couple of floors down in the same dorm, it was a different story for freshman, Ashley Gattin. Coming back to school meant more bags filled with more stuff.

"I took home maybe one and half, maybe two bags and I brought back three duffle bags and a big plastic tote," said Gattin.

Both freshman said they learned quite a bit in their first semester of College but who knew learning how to study would be a test in itself.

"I didn't know what to expect. You hear everybody tell you that you need to start studying, you need to learn how to study but you never really know until you're actually there," Creel said.

ASU will begin classes this Monday.

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