Thousands of dollars of equipment stolen from Paragould church

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) -  Thousands of dollars worth of audio and video equipment were stolen from the Paragould First Assembly of God Church sometime over the weekend.

Church officials say it had to have happened sometime between 8pm Saturday and 8am Sunday.
Pastor, Tim Snavely noticed something was wrong when he couldn't open his office door Sunday morning. When he went to investigate if something was amiss in the rest of the church, a parishioner found the point of entry.
"Another lady came in to make a pot of coffee and noticed the window and found my husband and said 'Pastor, did you know about the window in the kitchen?'" Snavely's wife, Sharon said.
A boarded up window in the kitchen is all that's visible of the break-in from the inside, but outside, broken glass shows the point of entry to the building.
"We know the big ticket items, we know that there's been four guitars that've been taken, at least two amplifiers and a camcorder," Snavely said.
She told Region 8 News some of those items look as if they were removed from the church through a back door, as they were too big to fit through the window and there were muddy foot prints by that door. However, when police came and filed a report on the incident, Snavely said they noted something interesting.
"All the doors had been locked so they were kind enough to lock our doors back after they'd stolen."
The church has been a victim of crime before. You'll recall, in February of 2012, the church discovered vandals had graffitied the back of their Family Life Center. Snavely thinks there's some significance to the timing of these crimes, as at the beginning of each year, the church holds a week of prayer.
"Satan is fighting us and wanting us to be discouraged," she said. "If Satan is so threatened by our presence and what we are doing, then we must be doing something right."
While Snavely says these items can be replaced, she said the church has a message for those who took from them.
"We're praying for them and we hope that they get their lives back on track," Snavely told Region 8 News. "These people need god more than anybody."
Snavely said if they have a chance, she wants the thieves to look at the video inside the camcorder they stole. 
"That camcorder has a sermon in it. We would love for the robbers to take the time to watch this sermon," she commented on Facebook after the initial interview. "Pastor Tim specifically talks about "don't steal" in this sermon. Very fitting."
If you have any information about the incident, you can call the Paragould Police Department at (870) 236-7621.
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