Poinsett County digging in ahead of wintry weather


Icy, slushy roads have been a common sight so far this winter.

Much of Region 8 is under a Winter Weather Advisory until Wednesday.  Light accumulations of snow, sleet and freezing rain have made travel difficult in some areas.

The highways started out dry this morning, but conditions worsened quickly as sleet and snow began to fall as early as noon.

Poinsett County Road Foreman Jimmy Smith says the strategy is simple.

"It's snow, mostly, this time. We'll just take the graders out, knock it off the road."

8 crews have been positioned across the county, waiting for orders.

2 at Fisher, Tyronza and near the Craighead County line, 1 at Two Lot, and 1 crew at Payneway.

Smith says the crews will be spreading sand throughout the night, addressing the worst spots across the county.

"We've got our sand stocked up out there, we've got our salt. We use road graders, we got a truck out there with a spreader on it. Spread our sand and salt."

The work starts with hills and bridges, since those are the first to become treacherous.

Smith says he can handle the sleet and snow, but there is one thing he dreads.

"Freezing rain. It's slick and hard to deal with. Hard to get the equipment up and down the hills."

Smith will stay in contact with the county judge as road conditions worsen overnight.

"What comes up, we take care of."

Meteorologist Bryan McCormick will have the story tonight on Region 8 News at 5 and 6.

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