Inclement weather makes driving dangerous in Lawrence County

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - As the wintry mix began to fall Tuesday afternoon, road conditions deteriorated quickly in Lawrence County.
"The snow is just wet, real wet," Charlie Cook with Cook's Wrecker Service in Walnut Ridge told Region 8 News. For him, that wet snow amounted to a very busy day.
"Had about 35 calls," Cook said. "My boy, Tony, he's had about that many too."
Calls coming in since Tuesday morning of drivers who slid off the roadways or got stuck in ditches as the inclement weather made driving difficult for many in Region 8.
Rodger Dexter was headed into Walnut Ridge from Sedgwick on Highway 63. 
"I seen two vehicles off in the ditch, it was pretty slick," Dexter said. As traveling farther on 63, the roads became more treacherous.
"There was a car I seen that slid off the road," David McIlroy told Region 8 News. He stopped at the Exxon on Highway 63 as he was driving from Beebe to Pocahontas. 
McIlroy said driving slow didn't necessarily keep people from getting into accidents either.
"Everybody was doing about 30, 35 so I don't know what happened," McIlroy said.
However, though the driving conditions were less than ideal on Tuesday, Cook has a word of advice for people sick of the winter weather.
"Just stick around, it'll change."
The Highway Department informed Region 8 News that overnight on Tuesday, they would work to clear the primary roadways in the area. That includes Highway 49N going toward Paragould, Highway 63S going toward I-55 and Highway 63N going toward Walnut Ridge. Walter McMillian with the Highway Department said his crews will be out Tuesday night into Wednesday morning spreading chemicals and sand on the roadways to ensure safe travel for people in the mornings.
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