Protocol for road crews during winter weather

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Arkansas Highway Transportation Department has been trying to clear roads for the last 24 hours. Their main focus is sanding active highways within their seven counties.

"For Craighead County it would be like highway 63, highway 49 and highway 18 are the areas we go to first and the areas we work on first. Those are the highways that have the most traffic," said District Engineer, Walter McMillan.

Each crew begins the sanding process within their designated areas. With several counties to cover a number of workers in each area begin to clear the roads. With areas that have more than 2 lanes, the process is a bit more tedious but getting the job done is crucial. One area can take up to two 12 hour shifts.

"Craighead County has a lot of multi lane highways so that takes more time than your standard two lane highways," McMillan said.

At any given time one area can have several workers out on the roads clearing miles of icy roads but as for icy neighborhood and county roads, that's a matter dealt by the city and not with the Arkansas Highway Transportation Department.

"When you talk about neighborhoods going to those neighborhoods are usually not state highways. That's usually the cities and the counties, they have crews just like we have crews," McMillan said.

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