GCT Veterans' Hall of Fame gets digital upgrade

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Greene County Tech had a few upset patrons on their hands, after they believed the school was doing away with their Veterans' Hall of Fame.

However, it's not that the school is doing away with the memorial, they're just bringing into the 21st century.
"It's change. We're modernizing it a little bit but hopefully it's going to be even better than the older wall," GCT High School Principal, Gene Weeks told Region 8 News. He said they've had a few complaints from people who don't understand what it is they're doing with the former Veterans' Hall of Fame. Photos of Greene County Veterans that once lined the walls inside the old high school building.
"When we moved over here last Christmas, we brought all those pictures," Weeks said. However, the physical photos won't be put back up on a wall.
"We took all those pictures and made a digital copy of them and we display them now in the lobby over here," Weeks explained.
The newly, digitized Hall of Fame was made possible by EAST Lab Students like Tyler Stowe.
"It took about a week with all the help and everything," Stowe said. A week to put those photos and information on the veterans into the system. Something Stowe said will be easier to maintain in the future.
"This, all we have to do is every year add another one and if we had to add a portrait, you're just taking up more space and eventually you run out of space," Stowe said.
Weeks added that honoring the veterans in this fashion is more feasibly for the budget.
"Financially, it's a lot less expensive to do a picture digitally," Weeks said.
Weeks told Region 8 News that EAST lab students have also been contacting family members of the veterans to return those physical photos.
Of the 62 photos that lined the walls at the old high school, they only have 11 that still need to be returned to family members.
"We're actually having them sign off on it so if multiple family members come up here they can see who's got it," Weeks said.
If you had a Veteran's photo on the Hall of Fame that you'd like to get back, you can contact the high school to see if they still have the photo or if another family member has the photo.
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