Name of man found in submerged vehicle near Big Lake released

MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AR (KAIT) –The name of the man whose body was found in a submerged vehicle near Big Lake has been released.

The Mississippi County Sheriff's Department and other agencies recovered the body of 36 year old Stephen D. Rush, of Manila, inside the vehicle submerged near Big Lake Friday afternoon.

Because the water current was too strong and level too high, the Craighead County Dive Team was called in to help pull the vehicle out of the water.  Officers then discovered Rush's body inside.

According to Mississippi County Sheriff Dale Cook, officers received a call around 6:00 Friday morning from a delivery truck driver who told officers another driver ran off into a main ditch after crossing in front of him.

The sheriff says the accident happened around 5:38a and that the driver of an SUV or truck was headed east on Highway 18 when he crossed the west bound lane after traveling over a "frosty surface".

Tire tracks were discovered heading into the water.

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