ASU hoops' Washington attacked at off-campus apartment

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A day the Red Wolves got a 63-39 victory over Louisiana-Monroe was a little less exciting than normal after a key player this season was absent after being attacked at an off-campus apartment late Friday night.

According to a statement released by Head Basketball Coach John Brady, Washington was visiting a friend who was also an athlete at the school at an apartment complex off-campus. The statement says, "Individuals arrived at the complex that Kendrick didn't know and they apparently did not appreciate Kendrick being there." Brady went on to say, "These individuals from what I presently know physically attacked Kendrick as he was leaving the premises."

Brady commented more on the issue in his post game news conference saying, "I've got to talk to the city police and get the names of the people involved in it." He also added that he thought Kendrick "did not provoke" the attack and that he "stands behind" Washington.

As to the extent of Washington's injuries, Brady said in the statement that his right eye was swollen shut, he had lacerations on his knee and elbow, and later said in the news conference that he had a hair-line fracture under one of his eyes. He added that Washington was taken to the emergency room last night following the attack.

Brady said they would work on getting Washington a face mask so he can play with the fracture and that process might take around week.

Region 8 Sports will continue tracking this story and bring more information as it becomes available.