Woman taken to St. Bernards after colliding with gas tanker

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – A car/semi collision Monday night sent a woman to the hospital and shut down Johnson Avenue for hours.

Witnesses told Jonesboro Police that the driver of the car, identified as 62-year-old Ernestine Stotts, ran the stop light at the intersection of Johnson and Bridge Streets.

"[She] went underneath the trailer of the truck and the vehicle was drug several hundred feet down the road before the truck got stopped," Lt. Rick Elliott with JPD told Region 8 News.

According to a police report from JPD, Stotts car was dragged approximately 215 feet before both vehicles came to a stop.

Lt. Elliott said the tanker, which was carrying gasoline, caused concern for law enforcement. Even after they were able to remove the gas from the tanker.

"There's still a residual amount of fuel left in there, plus the vapors so there is always a fire risk at this point...but fire department has everything under control," Lt. Elliott said.

However, law enforcement officials didn't believe the gas posed a big enough threat to evacuate people living nearby.

Stotts was removed from her car by the Jonesboro Fire Department and then transported to St. Bernards Medical Center around 5:45pm.

"We got her out of the vehicle and transported...officers are still investigating the accident site itself," Lt. Elliott told Region 8 News.

A spokesperson with St. Bernards told Region 8 News that Stotts was in 'satisfactory condition.'

A tow truck was able to separate the car and the tanker shortly before 7pm. The driver of the semi was not injured in the incident.

No word yet if Stotts will face any charges in the accident.

We will continue to track this story and bring you more information, on Region 8 News and online at kait8.com, as it becomes available.

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