Plans For Park Improvements Hit A Bump In The Road

July 20, 2004--Posted at 5:00 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO--A long range master plan to beautify city parks including Craighead Forest was completed as of April this last year.

Now park officials are working to integrate these new ideas into the parks budget.

Attractions like campgrounds and walking trails are among a few areas in need of attention.

Jason Wilkie is the Jonesboro Parks and Recreations Director.

"Improving the beach area, and making that bigger. Putting in a new concession stand and offering things like boating, along with swimming from the beach area."said Wilkie.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission had plans to begin partially draining the Craighead Forest Lake this week in order to improve habitat for fishing.

Game and Fish and park officials are hopeful that by improving the lake's habitat, there will be the opportunity for trophy stock fish, including catfish and bass.

Improvements to the park are being made to draw more attention and bring more activity to the area, but it looks like these plans may have to be put on hold.

"There was a federal grant that was going to help us do that, and it is still in the works right now. It's just the time table is going to change a little bit,"said Wilkie.

As for now, the city's plan to begin draining the lake has come to a halt.

City and park officials will be exploring resources they do have available in order to begin improvements to the area.

"The plans are still there, we are still going to make improvements to the lake, and it will still be a great place to go in the near future."