Cause of Sharp Co. train derailment still being investigated

WILLIFORD, AR (KAIT) - Crews are still clearing the wreckage after multiple train cars went off the tracks near a town in Sharp County early Wednesday morning.

Sheriff Mark Counts says the train derailment near Williford was called in from a Burlington Northern and Santa Fe (BNFS) railroad dispatcher just before 2:30 a.m.  The train derailment is located around Highway 58 close to an abandoned quarry.

It was initially reported that 29 of 67 train cars went off the track, but now BNFS officials say a total of 13 cars completely left the track.

Those cars included two carrying hazardous materials, which were found secure and showed no signs of leakage.

Joe Faust, a BNFS spokesman, the train was traveling from Memphis to Thayer, Mo.

Faust says no one was injured during the incident and added it is unknown how much the damage will cost.

According to Faust, workers expect to reopen the rail line as early as midnight Thursday.

BNFS investigators are still trying to determine what caused the train to fall off the track

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