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Dealing with post-holiday depression

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-This is the most depressing week of the year according to some psychologists. 

Jeff Cline, clinical director at Best Life Counseling Center, says they always see a big increase in patients in the month of January. 

"Sometimes folks really see this as a time or a season where they want to begin those new changes," Cline said. "So they see counseling can be supportive to that and then I do think that some people are coming in because there is an increased depression or anxiety that accompanies all the stressors of the new year."

Cline says some people might be lacking motivation to complete their resolutions or personal goals. He also identified other stressors that can add to a depressive mood.

"You see a lot of people start to have some financial difficulties this time of year," Cline said. "Coming off of the holidays, and then I think with this time of year with it being dark and cold and early time of day, a lot of folks isolate more and don't do as many active activities."

Region 8 resident Douglas Pry, says he thinks being depressed after the holidays depends on the person.

"What your upbringing is, where you live and what type of job you have, if you don't have a job of course it's depressing because you don't have any money but if you have something to keep you busy and occupied you really don't think about it much."

Cline said it's important to still get out and engage in self care, try to have a balanced life by nutrition, exercise and spending time with friends and family.

The symptoms for depression include: feeling confused or forgetful, stop seeing family and friends, difficulty sleeping, not having an appetite and not doing daily active activities.

Other ways to fight depression is to keep a positive attitude, take time to do something fun, and talking to someone about your feelings.

Veronica Smith shows why this is the most depressing week of the year, how we can shake off the blues, and what to look for with family and friends tonight on Region 8 News.

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