Jonesboro E911 and AIR EVAC now share connection

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - To provide a higher level of safety in Craighead County, Jonesboro E911 now has a direct line contact with air ambulance service. First responders and police departments can now coordinate dispatching AIR-EVAC air ambulance service with the Jonesboro E911 center.

"What 911 wants to do is they want to take the information from the caller and go ahead and launch us based on the nature of the call," said Air Evac, Program Director, Ashley Farrell.

In instances when time means everything, a direct line can make all the difference. By training not only first responders but potential people involved in a situation, they can prepare for a speedy process and safe landing.

"We want to go ahead and get launched ahead of time so we're not wasting any time. We want to be able to get that patient to definitive care and get them to a level one trauma center as soon as possible," Farrell said.

Training not only first responders but potential people involved in a situation can prepare for a speedy process and safe landing for the air ambulance service.

"We've got Jonesboro Park and Recreation here so if we've got an emergency in the ball field we got those folks ready to know exactly how to respond and to set up that landing zone," said E-911 Director, Jeff Presley.

Presley said the training class benefits everyone because you never know when a situation like this one could happen.

"Everyday citizens might  be called into action and help so this is some good knowledge that everybody should know," Presley said.

The session taught personnel on how to select and prepare an emergency helicopter landing zone for emergencies that include an air ambulance.

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