A quiet yet busy week!

I've been fairly quiet this week with the blog. My apologies. I guess I've got so much happening right now that sitting down and banging out some silly thought hasn't been that appealing! You probably don't want to reading much of my idiotic blathering anyway.

I've been working very hard at home trying to get the house re-settled after the painters came in. We were just going to paint a couple rooms and wound up getting almost the whole thing re-painted. Two and a half weeks later, I love the soft colors and the sort of calm vibe the house has now. I know a lot of friends said they liked the dark colors on our walls, but I was so tired of it! We focused so much energy on the exterior of the house after the initial move-in that the interior fell by the wayside. Now I really feel like the house is 100% ours. A great way to start the new chapter of our lives, huh?

I'm reaching the end of my third trimester, and I am amazed at the stories I hear of women trying to self induce early and to what lengths they go! I've pretty much decided that I'll let nature take its course. My feelings are the longer babycakes can cook the better. I may be miserable and uncomfortable, but there is a plan and our bodies were created for this labor process. Why rush it?  That…and I don't mind being spoiled a little longer!

Baby It Up, y'all!