FTC encourages used car dealerships to follow guidelines

FTC encourages used car dealerships to follow guidelines
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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Federal Trade Commission warned that almost a dozen used car dealerships have violated the "Used Car Rule".

The FTC warned that about eleven used car dealerships have sales practices that violate the commission's Used Car Rule. This rule requires used car dealers to display a "Buyers Guide" which details warranty and other important information on the cars they sell.

The Commission's staff inspections found that eight dealers failed to display the guides on almost all used cars offered for sale and three other dealers that had a significant number of cars that they didn't display the guide on.

The Federal Trade Commission also sent out letters to the used car dealers to come into compliance by properly displaying the guides in a clear and conspicuous location on all used cars.

The inspections were part of the FTC's efforts to enforce the Used Car Rule.

Here are the guidelines used car dealerships have to follow:

  • Whether the vehicle comes with a warranty and, if so, whether it is a "full" or limited warranty
  • Which systems are covered by the warranty and the duration of the warranty period
  • If it is a limited warrant, what percentage of the cost for covered parts and labor the dealer will pay for.
  • Whether the car is sold with no written or implied warranty or, in other words, the car is sold, "As is"
  • Whether the car is sold with no written warranty but with implied warranties. (some states and Washington D.C. Do not allow dealers to sell cars without implied warranties.
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