Polar Bear Plunge raises $40,000 for athletes

Many in Region 8 took the plunge into Lake Walcott for the 9th annual Polar Bear Plunge.

People from all over the community joined together to celebrate raising money for Special Olympics.

"It's for a worthy cause and we have a lot of respect and admiration for these kids and they train hard," said participant, Roscoe Wood.

Everyone celebrated raising thousands of dollars by jumping into Wolcott Lake's, 42 degree water.

"You have to raise at least 50 dollars. You come in you get a t-shirt and you go down to the boat ramp, you run into the water and you come out," said Area One Director, Audrea King.

Such success comes from those with a big heart and a desire to raise as much money as they can. For some, every dollar means one special athlete can shine in his or her own way.

"They're not going to be star of the football team or basketball team or nothing but there little events they do, their Olympics, they work just as hard and train just as hard as any professional athlete or anyone else," Wood said.

The Polar Bear Plunge met their goal by raising $41,103.13.

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