GCT hosts Archery Tournament

Paragould, AR (KAIT) - Greene County Tech was all bows and arrows on Saturday morning into the afternoon as they hosted an archery tournament.

This was a practice tournament to prepare the teams for the Arkansas National Archery in Schools Program Regional Tournament on February 9 in Batesville.

The Competition was broken up into two age groups with both boys and girls competing at the Middle School and High School age groups at the tournament. Here are the final scores from today. Team scores are out of a possible 3,600, individual scores are out of a possible 300. The top 12 scores from each team are counted for the team total.

Middle School Team Scores:

Marmaduke      1,818                11 archers

Brookland         2,731                24 archers

GCT                 3,095                24 archers

Middle School Individual Scores:

Boys:                                                                        Girls:

1. Chris Bateman-GCT--277                                      1. Lily McDaniel-GCT--274

2. Luke Atwill-GCT--275                                             2. Megan McDaniel-GCT--242

3. Elijah Wood-GCT--273                                           3. Trish Adams-GCT--242

4. Alex Robinson-GCT--265                                        4. Sadie Magee-Brookland--239

5. Alex Utley-GCT--263                                              5. Maddie Minton-Brookland--236

High School Team Scores:

Marmaduke    2,790           19 archers

Brookland       3,043           21 archers

GCT               2,102            9 archers

High School Individual Scores:

Boys:                                                                        Girls:

1. Todd Burgess--Brookland--272                              1. Anna Shipman--Brookland--276

2. Tristian Judd--Marmaduke--261                             2. Sydney Adams--GCT--272

3. Kevin Cantwell--Brookland--259                            3. Chandler Henfling--GCT--268

4. Matt Hamm--Marmaduke--256                               4. Melain Glenn--Brookland--261

5. Jacob Perkins--Brookland--253                              5. Tiana Nyland--GCT--259

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