Another Private Club Permit Requested in Jonesboro

JULY 21, 2004 -- Posted at: 7:05pm CDT

JONESBORO, AR - Julio Diaz, Junior will soon open Julio's Mexican Restaurant. Workers will serve Tex-Mex style food, and Diaz is hoping he'll have alcoholic drinks to serve to wash it down. The Alcoholic Beverage Control Administration received his application last week.

"As far as the private club, I think it's just a plus, but like I said our main intention is to have a good family restaurant," Diaz explained.

Customers will be entertained by big screen televisions, live and recorded music as well as comedy acts. Diaz has completed the first step for a private club permit by submitting required paperwork to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Administration. He has already posted a sign about his intentions at his restaurant, and must now put a notification in the newspaper.

An ABC agent will soon inspect the property. Diaz will also have to attend an ABC seminar. The director could make a decision as early as the August 25th meeting, as long as no one objects.

Diaz said, "We're big in the community and hopefully they'll take that into consideration, you know, and let me live my American dream. That's all I ask for."

A group of people did speak out against a permit being issued to Piero's Main Street Bistro -- the latest business to get a license. If there are a substantial amount of objections against Julio's, the ABC Director is required to deny the application, but Diaz does have the right to appeal to the ABC Board.

A hearing would be held, and those who objected would be notified. If public officials site reasons why the permit should not be issued, then the board is required to deny it.

If the permit is denied by the ABC Board, his next step would be to appeal it to Circuit Court. Julio Diaz, Junior said he's prepared no matter what the decision.

"If the good Lord says it's my turn, then it's my turn. If it's not, it's not," Diaz added.