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Jonesboro, AR -- Melissa Simas reports

Debate Over Gay Marriage in Region 8

July 21, 2004 -- posted 10:00 p.m. CDT

Jonesboro, AR -- Some people in Region 8 say God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, but others, who admit they're in the minority, say the Bible should be left out of this debate.

Over at Friendly Hope Baptist Church, Rev. Steve Jacobson is fervently opposed to same sex marriage.

"We consider homosexual practices to be a sin because the Bible says they are a sin," said Jacobson." At the same time we also know that Jesus came to die for sinners, he didn't come for the righteous people, that doesn't mean we condone sinful behavior."

Jacobson is upset that both Arkansas Senators, Pryor and Lincoln, voted against the ban on gay marriage last week on Capitol Hill.

Lincoln, who is up for re-election, released a statement along with Pryor saying, " it should be up to the states to take action on making gay marriage illegal, not through the U.S. Constitution."

"Blanche knows her chances of being re-elected are strong, I'm hoping that we can change that," said Jacobson.

Josh Hurd, the Vice President of the Gay-Straight Alliance at ASU, believes the push for gay marriage is long overdue, and should not be influenced by religious beliefs.

"I believe a marriage should be defined as a union between 2 people that care about each other, love each other, not one that is biblical," said Hurd. "I don't believe anyone's going to go to hell for smoking cigarettes, I don't believe anyone is going to go to hell for cheating on a math test, so why should I go to hell for being a homosexual?"

"We could make this a biblical issue, but I think we need to make this an issue of the welfare of children growing up with mom and dad and learning femininity and masculinity the proper way," said Jacobson.

"I sat down with myself and realized that my family is always going to love me, and my family will always be my family and I have to stand up for what I believe is right," said Hurd.

Currently Arkansas' Secretary of State is deciding whether an amendment defining marriage as being between a man and a woman should be put on the ballot. Political analysts say voter turnout in Arkansas could be affected by this issue.

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