Animal control seeing more neglect cases

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Jonesboro Animal Control had a very busy January. Along with looking into several neglect cases, the shelter has been filled with new animals coming in on a weekly basis.

"We've picked up a bunch more. Started the year picking up more than what we usually pick up… we're working more animal cruelty cases this month too. Neglect on feeding sheltering that kind of stuff and in this type of weather environment you know it's very crucial that you check the animals," said Sgt Larry Rogers.

With a new program they've started they are hoping to see a decrease in the amount of neglect cases in the community.

"The new program that we're teaching in the high schools now on animal cruelty, that's geared to the high school age," Rogers said.

Also, to prevent the animals from going back into a negative environment, Animal Control has added a few rules.

"From now on people that come in and retrieve their dogs are going to have to prove that their dogs are caught up on their rabies vaccinations and stuff," Rogers said.

By state law, any Law Enforcement agency is governed to investigate all animal cruelty cases, and if fined, the punishment can lead to paying a fine or spending time in jail.

"We go with just an animal cruelty misdemeanor, that is still a class A misdemeanor, that is punishable up to one year in the county jail up to a $1,000 fine," Rogers said.

The shelter has also had a slew of pregnant dogs come in. The amount of puppies they are taking care of has also contributed to the shelter staying busy.

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