Second of three "Vision 2030" meetings draws large crowd

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A large crowd gathered at the second of three Vision 2030 meetings in Downtown Jonesboro Monday night.

Jonesboro 2030 is a comprehensive plan for the next 20 years in the City of Jonesboro. Monday night, housing, public safety, parks and recreation and economic development were discussed.

The meeting also gave the public an opportunity to voice feedback regarding the plan. Grovernel Grisham told Region 8 News she and others she's spoken with feel a similarity between Vision 2030 and the United Nation's "Agenda 21".

She said comparing the two made her want to get a better understanding of what was being planned for the next 20 years in Jonesboro.

"What I did read, and compared the two, it was disturbing to me," Grisham said. "I thought, if this is for real, and obviously it is, because there it is in black and white, I'm thinking...I need to get involved. All the people need to get involved to find out the future of Jonesboro because we all love Jonesboro."

Agenda 21 is described as a '"a common vision" for environmentally sustainable growth' according to the Director of the UN's Division for Sustainable Development. For a fact sheet regarding Agenda 21, provided by the United Nations Association of the United States of America, click here.

A full draft of the Jonesboro - Vision 2030 plan can be found here.

The third and final meeting for Vision 2030 will be held Monday, February 4th at the Huntington Building at 6pm. Physical development, health and wellness and education will be discussed in that meeting.

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