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ASU Defense Funding Piles On; School to Get $12 Million

JULY 22, 2004 - Posted at 12:33 p.m. CDT


STATE UNIVERSITY, AR - While many programs do not fair well in conference committees, 1st District Congressman Marion Berry announced this morning that Arkansas State University received an additional $7 million in funding during the Defense Appropriations Conference Committee, bringing their total up to $12 million for two projects.

From his seat on the Appropriations Committee, Berry helped to originally secure $5 million to ASU for a remote sensing project, less than half of what is needed to complete the project.  Continued pressure from Berry and other congressional Arkansans helped lead to a $7 million addition from the conference committee.

Utilizing expertise with experimental lasers and detection of minute substances, ASU will work with other schools across the country to research and create remote detection techniques capable of sensing small levels of potentially dangerous nuclear, chemical and biological substances.

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