Many with college degrees overqualified for jobs

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A recentstudy by the Center for College Affordability and Productivity revealed that nearly half of Americans with college degrees are injobs that they are overqualified to hold.

According to the study, 25% of retail sales clerks had a bachelor'sdegree as well as 15% of taxi drivers and 5% of janitors.

The study said this trend is likelyto continue over the next decade. The number of Americans whose highest degreewas a bachelors grew to 25% from 2002 to 2012 according to the US Census. Freshman Daniel Golaway at Arkansas State University says it reallydepends on the major.

"I'm in the computer science field,"Golaway said. "And to not have a college degree is a death sentence. Ifyou don't have a college degree in a computer science area you can't really geta job at all."

Golaway said there are some fields of studywhere there is a loss if you have a college degree. But he said he'd rather runthe risk of being overqualified then being under qualified.

Dr. Market Quarles, directorof the career management center at ASU,says there are other reasons whystudents may not get the job they want.

"There are a lot offactors that contribute to why people choose the jobs that they do,"Quarles said. "Typically it's not necessarily a function of howqualified they are but choices for instance their family situation and howclose proximity they are going to be to their family."

Quarles says although the jobmarket is still recovering from the recession, there are certain job sectorslike healthcare, and education that are growing faster than others.

Veronica Smith speaks with morestudents at ASU to see if they think it's worth it to get a college degree. Shealso talks more with Dr.Quarles on how he advises students who may want to geta master's degree tonight on Region 8 News.

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