Parents react to gun being brought to Hoxie High School

HOXIE, AR (KAIT) - Many parents have called into the Region 8 Newsroom asking why they were not notified of an incident Tuesday involving a student bringing a gun to school.


According to Hoxie Police Chief Glen Smith, a high school student brought an unloaded single-shot pistol to Hoxie High School Tuesday morning.  The gun was taken by police without incident. 


Chief Smith says the teenager told police he found the gun and forgot he had it with him.


Police were notified of the weapon after another student saw it and then reported it to school personnel.  However, parents claim they had no knowledge of the situation from the school and were upset about it.

“I think it was very wrong I think they should have even texted or something saying it wasn’t any immediate danger, that they were caught. They should have just told us,” said Hoxie Parent, Angela Augustine.


Hoxie High School Principal, Bart Hyde, said that administration followed protocol and because the situation was taken care of in a matter of minutes that there was no reason to notify parents.


There are situations every day. I mean you don't know until you do a thorough investigation if there’s even a notice to notify parents,” Hyde said.


However, parents still believe there should have been some sort of notification.


 “At least let the parents know when something like this goes down,” said Hoxie Parent, Kelly Ellison.


 The 16-year-old will face felony charges of carrying a weapon onto school property.

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